About Giancoli Answers

Photo of Shaun Dychko, the creator of Giancoli Answers Giancoli Answers was created by me, Shaun Dychko, a teacher with more than 12 years experience teaching high school physics and mathematics, mostly at Point Grey Secondary in Vancouver, Canada. I have taught AP Physics, and all levels of high school mathematics. I studied physics at the University of British Columbia, where I obtained both my B.Sc., and B.Ed.

I sincerely hope these videos will be helpful with your, or your son/daughter's studies. I put a great deal of effort into making them as clear as possible, and finding a balance between being concise while also being thorough enough to raise flags on common mistakes, and making a bit of time for occasional intriguing digressions.

Currently I'm on a break from teaching high school in order to focus on creating videos for Giancoli Answers. I also build websites for clients such as the UBC Physics and Astronomy department and the UBC Chemistry department through the web development company I founded, Checkmark Media. Lastly, but most importantly, my wife and I are raising our two wonderful children.