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Website downtime due to disk space usage

Dear students, if you were affected by the recent 4 days of unavailability of Giancoli Answers, please accept my humble apology. There was an issue with disk space being used up by automated server updates, and the server eventually ran out of space, rendering the website unresponsive. This happened to coincide with me taking a four day long weekend! I have fixed the issue, and improved the server monitoring, so I don't expect an outage of such a long duration to happen again.

As always, best wishes with your studies,
Mr. Dychko

Showing the most popular video per chapter

Today I made a change where each chapter has it's most popular solution given away for free, without even having to log in. This is a replacement for the previous free trial system which was definitely sub-optimal in that a significant number of students were getting multiple free trials by entering multiple email addresses. An enormous amount of time went into preparing for and recording so many videos, and doing that required foregoing income from my regular classroom teaching job in order to do it. I support a family of four, with two small children, so I need to insist on some positive cashflow. Nevertheless, many thanks to the students who have paid for access, since your support is invaluable, and helps make the sacrifice of not teaching in the classroom in order to make these videos worthwhile. I hope you're finding good value, and that the small cost is not onerous.

7th Global Edition added

Today I added support for Giancoli's new 7th Global Edition. The questions are identical to those in the 7th Edition sold in the United States, but some were deleted or moved around. All I've done is create a menu that points students to the correct video (from the 7th Edition) based on the problem number in the 7th Global Edition. I hope the non-US students will benefit from this new feature!