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Giancoli Answers Upgraded

I am very happy to announce that Giancoli Answers has been upgraded to an elegant new look, much better support for viewing on smartphones and tablets, and even includes an additional 5 chapters to begin coverage of the 7th Edition. I'm aiming to post at least one 7th Edition chapter each week, so stay tuned for more announcements. I hope you enjoy the new website!

419 free Giancoli solutions

Recently I decided to make about 419 Giancoli physics solutions free. Here are my reasons for doing this:

  1. I want to make sure as many students as possible benefit from these videos. It was an enormous amount of work to create all 1675 of them, and making 25% of them free helps make the work more worthwhile.
  2. Many students landing on the Giancoli Answers homepage left the site without really knowing what I'm offering. They don't know that there are so many original solutions created by an expert physics teacher. I have years of experience teaching physics, I know the kinds of mistakes students make, and I know what to show to give students the best chance of success. Having free videos helps students see what Giancoli Answers offers.
  3. I'm assuming that existing subscribers won't mind that some solutions are free, since a subscription is still required for the other 75% of physics videos.

For those students who need only a little bit of help which is adequately met by the 419 videos, or who are unable to afford a subscription, I sincerely hope these free solutions are helpful, and I wish all students the best success with their studies.

Unplanned downtime

Today Giancoli Answers was unavailable for a few hours this morning, and some browsers, depending on their internet service provider, might not reach Giancoli Answers for up to 48 hours. This was due to a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack against the company ( that provided our Domain Name Server (DNS). DNS translates the text "" in the website URL into an IP address ( in our case). It works like a signpost that tells your web browser where to go after you type in a website address. Details of the attack are described here. We have switched to a more robust and high performance DNS provider (the same one used by to help guard against this type of thing occurring again.

We take uptime very seriously, and I hope you have not been too inconvenienced by this outage.

All the best with your studies,
Mr. Dychko

Solution videos playable on iOS

You can now watch Giancoli solution videos on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, since we installed support for HTML5. Now these videos are just as mobile as you are! Quickly check them out during a study group, or watch a couple vidoes on the way to school! I hope you find this new feature helpful, and best of luck with your studies.

Giancoli Answers is complete!

The Giancoli Answers are finally finished! More than 76 hours of video created...

At long last, after starting these video tutorials in 2009, I have finally finished 1675 videos, which total more than 76 hours of carefully explained physics solutions. With these videos done, there is complete coverage of the Advance Placement "B", and International Baccalaureate curricula. Thank you very much to everyone who has submitted a testimonial, to the many subscribers, and of course to my family, who have all helped push this project past the finish line.