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Better Navigation

Today we've polished checkmark media's new navigation which let's you see at a glance which solutions have been posted for each chapter. Also, with the new layout you can see the Quick Answer without having to scroll down the screen. We hope you like it!

Improved Streaming

We've made an improvement to how videos are delivered by changing the way they're streamed to your computer. The change means that you can immediately jump to any point in the video without waiting for it to finish downloading.

Also, since very few subscribers access the videos with an iPhone we're discontinuing iPhone support.

Chapter 7 solutions

Chapter 7 has been released! Since I'm covering only the topics for questions #1-45 in my classes (in either edition) I have worked out only these solutions. If you would like to request questions #46-61, please Contact Us.

I hope you enjoy! Please don't hesitate to leave comments under videos, or Contact Us since we value your feedback, and use it for deciding on new features (some ideas are: allow voting for each video so that we know which ones are helpful and which ones could be updated, should there be more or fewer algebra steps shown, would you like lessons for each chapter... any other ideas?)

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone! We hope that you have a restful and wonderful winter break, and look forward to helping you with your physics questions in the new year. Thank you everyone for your support. Each subscription encourages further development of this resource. Chapter 7 is the next on our list, and the solutions will be posted early in January.

Merry Christmas!

Chapter 5 complete

Today we completed Chapter 5 solutions for both the 6th and 5th editions. By an overwhelming majority, the votes for the next chapter were for Chapter 6, so this will be the one we work on next. The rest of the chapters posted will be subscription access chapters, and there will be a small introductory price of $5.99 to access them.

We hope you're enjoying these solutions! Please don't hesitate to leave feedback.