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Chapter 3 complete, and do you prefer Even or Odd solutions?

<p>At long last Chapter 3 has been completed with the odd numbered solutions uploaded today. These solutions explain kinematics in two dimensions. This adds 4 hours and 17 minutes of video to Giancoli Answers to help you understand kinematics concepts.</p><p><strong>Do you prefer Even or Odd solutions?</strong></p><p>Please consider taking this <a href=" question survey</a> to help make Giancoli Answers better. We want to know what you, our subscriber, prefers. Since it takes quite a bit of time to solve and then record such a large number of solutions, we&#39;re considering doing just the even or odd numbered problems in order to release chapters more quickly. After finishing the even&#39;s or odd&#39;s, we&#39;ll come back around and complete the rest of the problems, but we&#39;re thinking that having half the questions done for a large number of chapters sooner is better than all the questions done for fewer chapters. Please let us know what you think!</p>