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Rotational Motion Explained

Chapter 8 has been released!

In this chapter you will find 4 hours and 7 minutes of videos giving answers to all your rotational motion questions. Improve your grades and solve questions like a physicist with the techniques in these videos.

6th Edition focus

It's good news for most of you, but not-so-good news for 5th Edition user: I've decided to increase the speed of releasing chapters by focusing my efforts on the 6th Edition. The next chapter will have solutions posted only for the 6th Edition, and when all the 6th Edition chapters are complete, I'll come back to the 5th Edition if there's enough requests for it. I believe that a complete solution manual for most students is better than an incomplete solution manual for everyone. :) I apologize to the 5th Edition users, and rest assured this decision was not taken lightly, but the release process is slowed considerably by supporting two editions.