Student testimonials

Mr. Dychko, your answers and videos helped raise my grade from failing to a B and I really appreciate your website for that. Physics does not come naturally to me by any means and to be able to use your website to pass my class means more to me than words can describe. Chegg wasn't sufficient and my professor wasn't available for extra help, so I consider your website to be the sole reason I passed my class. Thank you.


The videos were extremely helpful. You can play them over and over and pause them to review. The narrator explained the steps beautifully and provided details on performing the algebraic manipulations. Different colored pens made it easy to differentiate steps. My Physics teacher often moved through the material very fast in class. The videos allowed me to review areas I found difficult as many times as I needed. Giancoli Answers was a wonderful learning tool for understanding Physics.

Kim, Tunxis Community College in Farmington, CT

Hello Mr Dychkko,

You are absolutely incredible!! Thank you immensely for sharing your wealth of knowledge with the rest of the world. Your videos have helped me get through physics in college, and I could not have passed my classes without you. Your step-by-step explanations were always so easy to follow, and helped me understand why we would go about a question a certain way. Thank you for helping me develop better skills to improve as a student! It is very apparent that you truly care about both physics and helping students learn and I wish more professors were like you! Once again, thank you so much and best of luck on all of your future endeavors!!!

Jasmine, University of Pennsylvania

As a Physics Instructor for the first time at a Community College, I found this resource incredibly helpful for my students and I highly recommend it to anyone using Giancoli's Textbook.

Melinda McKinney, Coconino Community College, Flagstaff, Arizona

The solutions are very easy to comprehend and helped an astronomical amount! They helped me to fully comprehend what we went over in class, and proved to be much more useful than what was discussed during lectures. Cannot thank you enough for helping me get an A in physics and leaving the GPA intact. Thank you so much! Will definitely use this service again next semester.

Nate, University of Nevada, Reno

Thanks for helping me earn an A in physics! Physics has never been my strong point. In high school I failed both my physics finals, and in college I am forced to take physics as a requirement for my biology degree, so I really dreaded starting the physics sequence. I couldn't understand my professor during lecture or the answer keys that he posted, so I really needed supplementary homework help. I can say that your videos are 10X more effective than the professor's and TA's office hours that I have attended. Your videos are the best...even more so than Khan Academy's physics videos!

Richard Yang, UC Davis, Biology Major

This is a wonderful service. He goes over all of the problems of each chapter and gives both the answer in a quick text form (good if you are on your cell in the library etc) AND has a video which explains the entire problem if you want a detailed explanation. It's like having a tutor, which is a huge help! The cost is reasonable especially for the instruction you get-and WAY cheaper than the ripoff answer guides that the textbook business wants to force you to buy. Give this a month try and i promise you will want to keep using it. Huge help.

Zack H., Oakland, United States

These videos are 40 times more valuable than lecture, the text book, and so much cheeper and efficient than a private tutor.

Maggie, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

Just wanted to drop a note and thank you for this amazing service! And thank you for working hard on this, it is greatly appreciated :D

Tyson, Southern Utah University in Cedar City, UT

This was a lifesaver!! I honestly was so lost on many of these chapters in AP Physics and the way you walked through how to get the answer was extremely helpful. Thank you so much for offering these videos explaining the steps to get the correct answer. After taking the AP test, I found that I earned a 3! Without your help, I would have probably gotten much lower. Thank you for helping me avoid many tearful nights of confusion and frustration! I would highly recommend your website to anyone taking physics, because you broke down the tough problems step by step. Thank you again and I hope you gain more business in the future!

Appreciative Student

Dear Mr. Dychko,
Physics has never been my strong point so I was nervous about taking Physics this semester. I am so glad that I found your website! I am often confused during my classes because my teacher goes so quickly over the material and tends to be disorganized. Doing the book problems along with watching your solution videos has helped me understand the material a lot better. You have even showed me a few tricks that I've been able to successfully use during my exams. Thank you for making this site!

Student at University of California, Irvine

I know there is a solutions manual floating around but using your site is just as good as having a personal tutor.

Robinson, Lehman College in New York, NY

god bless this website and bless its instructors because it helped us a lot! thanks

Milad, Oakland Community College in Southfield, MI

I wanted to thank you for taking the time and effort of working out the solutions! I know that was a tedious task, but those of us that needed that extra assistance GREATLY appreciate it!! I would not have been able to have done as well as I did in Physics II without the breakdown step by step clarification that was provided. Thanks again for your effort! I would highly recommend the use of this site to anyone taking Physics.

Kristie, Winston-Salem State University, NC

Thank you so much... the videos were very helpful. I was studying at McGill in a class of 650 students so it was very helpful to be able to go over any questions I was unsure of. And your explanations were great. 5 out of 5 star rating from me.

Kelly, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Thank you so much for making all these videos, you helped me get an A in both my college physics courses! With your help I ended up working just about every problem in the Giancoli book. Not only did I get the good grades but these exercises have proven invaluable to understanding and working more complex problems in the advanced classes for my major in Mechanical Engineering.

Robert, Greenville Technical College in Greenville, SC

Thank you for having this site, it was very helpful during my physics course.

Rawan, Manhattanville College, NY

This website is my physics safety blanket. When all else fails, I can count on Giancoli Answers for a solution I can actually follow.

Sami, Point Grey Secondary, Vancouver, BC

I would like to change to a full year as I find your program to be excellent for my grandson. I like your book very much and I am reliving my school days. I am 77 and got an A in physics but your approach is far more enlightening.

Richard Wagner, who wants to mention that he also endorses the Los Angeles Kings, Western Conference competitors to my Vancouver Canucks ;)

This website is a grade saver! Our physics curriculum is largely structured with the giancoli physics book... and boy... the problems get tough sometimes... but for all the questions that i hav difficulty dealing with... this website provides not only answers... but explanations and step by step guidance... i never leave the site scratching my head in confusion =D...

Jacky, Point Grey Secondary, Vancouver, BC