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Final answer provided in text form for quick reference above each video, and formatted nicely as an equation.Quick answer example
Pen colors make the step-by-step solutions clear. Red is used to illustrate algebra steps, and to substitute numeric values in the final step of a solution. When a solution switches to a new train of thought, a different pen color emphasizes the switch, so that solutions are very methodical and organized.Pencil
Solutions are classroom tested, and created by an experience physics teacher. Videos are delivered with a high performance content delivery network. No waiting for videos to load or buffer.Thumbs up
Pause, rewind, repeat, and never miss what is being said.
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Kristie, Winston-Salem State University, NCQuote start

I wanted to thank you for taking the time and effort of working out the solutions! I know that was a tedious task, but those of us that needed that extra assistance GREATLY appreciate it!! I would not have been able to have done as well as I did in Physics II without the breakdown step by step clarification that was provided. Thanks again for your effort! I would highly recommend the use of this site to anyone taking Physics.Quote end

Student at University of California, IrvineQuote start

Dear Mr. Dychko, Physics has never been my strong point so I was nervous about taking Physics this semester. I am so glad that I found your website! I am often confused during my classes because my teacher goes so quickly over the material and tends to be disorganized. Doing the book problems along with watching your solution videos has helped me understand the material a lot better. You have even showed me a few tricks that I've been able to successfully use during my exams. Thank you for making this site!Quote end

Maggie, Northwestern University, Evanston, ILQuote start

These videos are 40 times more valuable than lecture, the text book, and so much cheeper and efficient than a private tutor.Quote end

Kelly, McGill University, Montreal, CanadaQuote start

Thank you so much... the videos were very helpful. I was studying at McGill in a class of 650 students so it was very helpful to be able to go over any questions I was unsure of. And your explanations were great. 5 out of 5 star rating from me.Quote end

Robert, Greenville Technical College, Greenville, SCQuote start

Thank you so much for making all these videos, you helped me get an A in both my college physics courses! With your help I ended up working just about every problem in the Giancoli book. Not only did I get the good grades but these exercises have proven invaluable to understanding and working more complex problems in the advanced classes for my major in Mechanical Engineering.Quote end
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Shaun Dychko on Cambie Street bridge, Vancouver, BC

Giancoli Answers was created by Shaun Dychko, a teacher with more than 12 years experience teaching high school physics and mathematics, mostly at Point Grey Secondary in Vancouver, Canada. I have taught AP Physics, and all levels of high school mathematics. I studied physics at the University of British Columbia, where I obtained both my B.Sc., and B.Ed.

I sincerely hope these videos will be helpful with your, or your son/daughter's studies. I put a great deal of effort into making them as clear as possible, and finding a balance between being concise while also being thorough enough to raise flags on common mistakes, and making a bit of time for occasional intriguing digressions.

I am also the creator of College Physics Answers which provides solutions to problems in the College Physics textbook published by OpenStax. The textbook is available for free to view online or download as a PDF.

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