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These videos are 40 times more valuable than lecture, the text book, and so much cheeper and efficient than a private tutor.

Just wanted to drop a note and thank you for this amazing service! And thank you for working hard on this, it is greatly appreciated :D

The videos were extremely helpful. You can play them over and over and pause them to review. The narrator explained the steps beautifully and provided details on performing the algebraic manipulations. Different colored pens made it easy to differentiate steps. My Physics teacher often moved through the material very fast in class. The videos allowed me to review areas I found difficult as many times as I needed. Giancoli Answers was a wonderful learning tool for understanding Physics.

This is a wonderful service. He goes over all of the problems of each chapter and gives both the answer in a quick text form (good if you are on your cell in the library etc) AND has a video which explains the entire problem if you want a detailed explanation. It's like having a tutor, which is a huge help! The cost is reasonable especially for the instruction you get-and WAY cheaper than the ripoff answer guides that the textbook business wants to force you to buy. Give this a month try and i promise you will want to keep using it. Huge help.


  • 1,930 video solutions for all regular problems in Giancoli's 7th Edition and 1,681 solutions for most regular problems in the 6th Edition.
  • Final answer provided in text form for quick reference above each video, and formatted nicely as an equation, like $E=mc^2$. This is useful if you are in the library or have a slow internet connection.

  • Pen colors make the step-by-step solutions clear. Red is used to illustrate algebra steps, and to substitute numeric values in the final step of a solution. When a solution switches to a new train of thought a different pen color emphasizes the switch, so that solutions are very methodical and organized.
  • Solutions are classroom tested, and created by an experienced physics teacher.
  • Videos are delivered with a high performance content delivery network. No waiting for videos to load or buffer.
  • Pause, rewind, repeat, and never miss what is being said.

Sample solution

Giancoli 7th Edition, Chapter 4, Problem 62


Recent questions and answers

Good, I'm glad it helps!

A LifeSaver!

Hi vtocco57, I've posted solutions for only the regular problems, but not the misconception quizes. Hopefully the many regular problem solutions will be enough for most subscribers.

All the best,
Mr. Dychko

How can I find the misconception quiz answers?

Hi sugarhuny20, this is a common question. In the end, the answer depends on personal preference and which convention you choose to follow. Typically $g$ is taken to be the magnitude of the acceleration of gravity, which means it is always a positive number. Both I, and the textbook, follow that convention. That means the acceleration due to gravity is $-g$ if you have the typical coordinate system with down as the negative direction.

In the video for this solution the force of gravity was taken to be negative as you would expect, since it is directed down. That's the $F_{net} = F_T - F_g$ equation I'm referring to there. Notice the negative in front of the force due to gravity term. That negative takes care of the gravity's direction, so there is no need to introduce another negative when substituting for $g$.

Hope that helps,
Mr. Dychko