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Giancoli's Physics:

Principles with Applications, 6th Edition

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Tape measure and stop watch for measurement

Chapter 1

Introduction, Measurement, Estimating

A truck moving along one dimension

Chapter 2

Describing Motion: Kinematics in One Dimension

Canon demonstrating projectile motion

Chapter 3

Kinematics in Two Dimensions; Vectors

Tug of war showing forces

Chapter 4

Dynamics: Newton's Laws of Motion

Spinning top showing circular motion and conservation of angular momentum

Chapter 5

Circular Motion; Gravitation

leaping with lots of energy

Chapter 6

Work and Energy

bumper car with linear momentum

Chapter 7

Linear Momentum

rotating windmill

Chapter 8

Rotational Motion

man balancing in gravitational equilibrium

Chapter 9

Static Equilibrium; Elasticity and Fracture


Chapter 10


a person waving

Chapter 11

Vibrations and Waves

a violinist making music

Chapter 12


thermometer showing the temperature

Chapter 13

Temperature and Kinetic Theory


Chapter 14


steam engine applying thermodynamic principles to move

Chapter 15

The Laws of Thermodynamics

electrostatic ball

Chapter 16

Electric Charge and Electric Field

High voltage power lines

Chapter 17

Electric Potential

Electric current arc

Chapter 18

Electric Currents


Chapter 19

DC Circuits

Earth's magnetic field lines

Chapter 20


Transformer changes voltage

Chapter 21

Electromagnetic Induction and Faraday's Law

Radio telescopes view the sky with electromagnetic waves

Chapter 22

Electromagnetic Waves

A person looks through a magnifying glass

Chapter 23

Light: Geometric Optics

A prism disperses white light into colors

Chapter 24

The Wave Nature of Light

Optical instruments used for surgery

Chapter 25

Optical Instruments

Einstein's famous equation relating mass to energy

Chapter 26

Special Theory of Relativity

Bohr model of the atom

Chapter 27

Early Quantum Theory and Models of the Atom

Neon sign - light is emitted by energy level transitions of electrons

Chapter 28

Quantum Mechanics of Atoms

Semiconductor used to make electronics

Chapter 29

Molecules and Solids

terracotta warriors - radioactive dating

Chapter 30

Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity

Medical imaging - X-Rays

Chapter 31

Nuclear Energy; Effects and Uses of Radiation


Chapter 32

Elementary Particles

Cosmic microwave background

Chapter 33

Astrophysics and Cosmology

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