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419 free Giancoli solutions

Recently I decided to make about 419 Giancoli physics solutions free. Here are my reasons for doing this:

  1. I want to make sure as many students as possible benefit from these videos. It was an enormous amount of work to create all 1675 of them, and making 25% of them free helps make the work more worthwhile.
  2. Many students landing on the Giancoli Answers homepage left the site without really knowing what I'm offering. They don't know that there are so many original solutions created by an expert physics teacher. I have years of experience teaching physics, I know the kinds of mistakes students make, and I know what to show to give students the best chance of success. Having free videos helps students see what Giancoli Answers offers.
  3. I'm assuming that existing subscribers won't mind that some solutions are free, since a subscription is still required for the other 75% of physics videos.

For those students who need only a little bit of help which is adequately met by the 419 videos, or who are unable to afford a subscription, I sincerely hope these free solutions are helpful, and I wish all students the best success with their studies.