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Chapters 16, 17 & 21 - Even Numbered Solutions Completed

Happy New Year! At Giancoli Answers, I'm hitting the New Year running. You'll now find help with topics on Electric Field, Electric Potential, Electromagnetic Induction, and others.

Survey Results - Even solutions prefered

Thank you very much to those who answered our survey about whether even or odd solutions are preferred (16 votes for even, 6 for odds). This feedback is very helpful! As a result of posting only the even numbered solutions for the latest chapters, I was able to get THREE chapters completed since last month. I intend to return to complete the odd numbered solutions, and stay tuned for another survey about which chapters should be done first.

Enjoy the solutions, and good luck with your studies!

Chapter 3 complete, and do you prefer Even or Odd solutions?

<p>At long last Chapter 3 has been completed with the odd numbered solutions uploaded today. These solutions explain kinematics in two dimensions. This adds 4 hours and 17 minutes of video to Giancoli Answers to help you understand kinematics concepts.</p><p><strong>Do you prefer Even or Odd solutions?</strong></p><p>Please consider taking this <a href=" question survey</a> to help make Giancoli Answers better. We want to know what you, our subscriber, prefers. Since it takes quite a bit of time to solve and then record such a large number of solutions, we&#39;re considering doing just the even or odd numbered problems in order to release chapters more quickly. After finishing the even&#39;s or odd&#39;s, we&#39;ll come back around and complete the rest of the problems, but we&#39;re thinking that having half the questions done for a large number of chapters sooner is better than all the questions done for fewer chapters. Please let us know what you think!</p>

Chapter 20 - Magnetism

The latest giancoli physics solutions are for Chapter 20 on magnetism. These solutions explain magnetic fields due to currents, forces exerted by magnetic fields on current carrying wires and moving charges, and applications such as a mass spectrometer. There are 3 hours and 32 minutes of video answers for this chapter to help you understand these concepts.

redesign and monthly subscriptions

A lot has happened since our last post. We have changed our name from Checkmark Media to Giancoli Answers to be more specific about what this site is about. We've also made each video much larger to make it easier to see the writing, and we've changed from subscriptions by chapter, to full access subscriptions for each edition paid by month, or by year. With one single purchase you now get access to ALL solutions we have available for your chosen edition. Let us know what you think of these changes.

Since our last update we've also added solutions to Chapters 7 and 18, and currently we're working on finishing up Chapter 19. Stay tuned for more great physics solutions!