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Unplanned downtime

Today Giancoli Answers was unavailable for a few hours this morning, and some browsers, depending on their internet service provider, might not reach Giancoli Answers for up to 48 hours. This was due to a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack against the company ( that provided our Domain Name Server (DNS). DNS translates the text "" in the website URL into an IP address ( in our case). It works like a signpost that tells your web browser where to go after you type in a website address. Details of the attack are described here. We have switched to a more robust and high performance DNS provider (the same one used by to help guard against this type of thing occurring again.

We take uptime very seriously, and I hope you have not been too inconvenienced by this outage.

All the best with your studies,
Mr. Dychko