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a)$196 \textrm{N}$
b)$F_{N_{20}}=294 \textrm{N}$
$F_{N_{10}}=98 \textrm{N}$

Giancoli 6th Edition, Chapter 4, Problem 5



Hello Mr. Giancoli . Could you help me please i have final tomorrow and i cant solve one problem ., i have no one to ask

A 30-g mass moving in positive direction collides head-on with a 10-g mass moving at 60 cm/s in the negative direction. The two masses stick together after the collision, and their velocity is 0.10 m/s. Find the velocity of 30-g mass before collision.

I converted : 30 g = 0.03 kg ; 10 g= 0.01kg ; V2 = - 0.6 m/s ; V prime = 0.1 m/s

I found P = 0.004, i have problem to find V1 of mass 0.03 kg

thank you so much in advance