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a) $7.40 \times 10^5 \textrm{N}$
b) $1.04 \times 10^4 \textrm{N}$

Giancoli 6th Edition, Chapter 10, Problem 29


Chapter 10, Problem 29 is solved.

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You wrote (1.025kg/m^3) for salt water, should be (1.025 x 10^3 kg/m^3). Although you must have multiplied by 1025 not 1.025 to get the answer, some people might be confused by the omission of the 10^3.

Hi abbathoniah, you're totally right, and thank you for spotting that. When I have a chance I'd like to re-record that one to clarify that a cubic meter of salt water has a mass of more than a metric tonne, not 1 kg.

Thank you so much for making all these videos, you helped me get an A in both my college physics courses! With your help I ended up working just about every problem in the Giancoli book. Not only did I get the good grades but these exercises have proven invaluable to understanding and working more complex problems in the advanced classes for my major in Mechanical Engineering.

Fantastic! Thank you very much for such nice feedback, and congratulations on your success with your courses!

The density of salt water has been updated in the video.