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The person listening to the radio will hear the singer 0.14 s before the person in the balcony.
NOTE: the video incorrectly uses $4 \textrm{ cm}$ when it should instead use $0.04 \textrm{ m}$ since the denominator of the fraction is in units of $\textrm{ m/s}$. With this correction the answer is $0.1369 \textrm{ s}$, which rounds to $0.14 \textrm{ s}$, rather than the $0.13 \textrm{ s}$ given in the video.

Giancoli 6th Edition, Chapter 22, Problem 16


Chapter 22, Problem 16 is solved.

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Shouldn't it be 0.04m instead of 4cm because you are working in meters?

Sharp eye thesoutportschool. Thanks for spotting that. When that is corrected to use 0.04m instead of 4cm it turns out the answer becomes $0.1369 \textrm{ s}$ which rounds to $0.14 \textrm{ s}$, rather than the $0.13 \textrm{ s}$ given. I've made a note about the error in the Quick Answer.

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