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An aquarium filled with water has flat glass sides whose index of refraction is 1.54. A beam of light from outside the aquarium strikes the glass at a $43.5 ^\circ$ angle to the perpendicular (Fig. 23–56). What is the angle of this light ray when it enters

  1. the glass, and then
  2. the water?
  3. What would be the refracted angle if the ray entered the water directly?
Problem 32.

Figure 23-56.

Source: Giancoli, Douglas C., Physics: Principles with Applications, 7th Edition, 2014.

Quick Answer: 
  1. $26.6^\circ$
  2. $31.2^\circ$
  3. $31.2^\circ$

Giancoli 7th Edition, Chapter 23, Problem 32


Chapter 23, Problem 32 is solved.

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