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$4.7 \times 10^6 \textrm{ N/C, } 45^\circ \textrm{ below the x-axis}$
Note that the video has an error in the final calculation where I missed squaring the denominator. Everything else in the video is correct, and the proper final answer is shown above.

Giancoli 6th Edition, Chapter 16, Problem 33


Chapter 16, Problem 33 is solved.

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According to the answer provided at the back of my textbook, the answer should be 4.70e6 N/C at 45 degrees.

I received the same answer of 4.7e6 N/C. Even when doing the calculations above I received 4.7e6 N/C

Solution manual has 4.7e6 as well.

Thanks for the heads up on this everyone. I forgot to square the denominator in the final calculation. I've updated the text answer, with a note about this error in the video for the final calculation.