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a) $0$
b) $0$
c) $3.27 \times 10^{3} \textrm{ N/C}$
d) $874 \textrm{ N/C}$
e) a thin shell makes no difference

Giancoli 6th Edition, Chapter 16, Problem 49


Chapter 16, Problem 49 is solved.

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Shouldn't answer for c) = 3.27*10^3 N/C . Just pointing it out.

Hi danial20,

Thanks a lot for noticing that. Yes, I made the error in changing from standard to scientific notation and it should indeed by times 10 to the positive three. I've updated the quick answer, and updating the video is on my to-do list.

All the best with your studies,
Mr. Dychko

This video has been updated!