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$I_1 = 0.29 \textrm{A in the }12\Omega\textrm{ and }8\Omega\textrm{ resistors}$
$I_2 = 0.028\textrm{A in the }6\Omega\textrm{ resistor}$
$I_3 = 0.26 \textrm{A in the }10\Omega\textrm{ and }2\Omega\textrm{ resistors}$

Giancoli 6th Edition, Chapter 19, Problem 31


Chapter 19, Problem 31 is solved.

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Please note: a very helpful student sent the following correction to this video. I'm pasting it here until I have a chance to update the video. I have changed the text answer already for I1.

"You have a mistake on chapter 19 problem 31. It's around the 5:40 mark in the video. You combine the like terms correctly for I1 which is 5.0. But when you move it to the other side you write it as 6.0 which gives you an answer of .292 amps. The answer should be, if you divide it by 5.0, .35 amps."

Correction: there's no correction! The video is actually correct as is, but thanks again anyway for the feedback.