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$a_c = 0.00595 \textrm{ m/s}^2$ ( note that in the video I mistakenly wrote it as $0.0595 \textrm{ m/s}^2$ )

Giancoli 6th Edition, Chapter 5, Problem 3


Chapter 5, Problem 3 is solved.

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The centripetal acceleration is actually .00595m/s2

i got .005 for the acceleration - the book answer says close to that as well.

Thanks for pointing that out! Yes, centripetal acceleration should be 0.00595 m/s^2, and I mistakenly forgot a zero in the video. Good thing I used raw data from the question to calculate centripetal force instead of using the calculated centripetal acceleration, otherwise the centripetal force would have been wrong too. I've corrected the written answer above the video, and thanks again for spotting the mistake.