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$6.51 \times 10^7 \textrm{ N, } 45^\circ \textrm{ diagonally away from center.}$

Giancoli 7th Edition, Chapter 16, Problem 14


Chapter 16, Problem 14 is solved.

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at the mark of 4:23 should it be R12^2+R23^2=R13^2? which would still come out to 2R12^2 but it did confuse me.

Hi merkinthedark,

Thanks for spotting that. Yes, you're quite right that there's a small error in the subscripts, and it should be $r_{12}^2 + r_{23}^2 = r_{13}^2$. I've made a note in the quick answer for other students.

All the best with your studies,
Mr. Dychko