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Write the binary number 01010101 as a decimal number.

Source: Giancoli, Douglas C., Physics: Principles with Applications, 7th Edition, 2014.

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Giancoli 7th Edition, Chapter 17, Problem 60


Chapter 17, Problem 60 is solved.

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This is Giancoli Answers with Mr. Dychko. Each binary digit represents a power of two in decimal system so the first digit is, if it is set as a one then that represents two to the power of zero which is a decimal quantity one. And if the next digit is set it represents two to power of one which would be two but its not set. So that doesn't make anything but the next place value is set which is two to the power two, so that's quantity four and then this next place value is set which is two to the power of four which makes decimal quantity 16 and then two to the power six is set which makes decimal quantity 64, add these together and you get 85 is the decimal representation of 01010101.