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$114 \textrm{m}$

Giancoli 6th Edition, Chapter 2, Problem 21


Chapter 2, Problem 21 is solved.

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Acceleration is defined as the change in velocity divided by the change in time and that change in velocity is: final velocity minus initial velocity divided by however much time is past and the final velocity is twenty five meters per second minus thirteen meters per second all divided by six point zero seconds giving us two point zero meters per second squared as the acceleration. In the 5th Edition the car starts at twelve meters per second in which case the acceleration is two point two meters per second squared.


this doesnt answer the second half of the problem.

where's the second part of the problem??

Thanks for the comments, I'll get this fixed soon.

where is the second part :(

Thanks for the reminder... definitely have to get to this...


Ahhh, thanks for another reminder about this video. I'm away from my recording equipment at the moment, finishing up summer holidays, but my goal is to have this done by Sept. 7th (Yes, that's 2012 :) Thanks for your patience.

we are waiting...know it's simple but very reassuring to have your video

Ah yes, this video certainly needs attention. We've recently moved to a larger house and my recording equipment is buried in a box somewhere... one of these days I'll get a round tooit (you can never have enough round tooits).

Good, excellent and useful, but... where is the second part ?

At long last, this video has been remade to include the second part of the question showing the distance traveled, calculated using two different methods.