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Hi how to find the answers for problem 62 and 71?

Hi antoinec467, It would be enormously time consuming to also answer all the "General Problems" so I'm limiting coverage only to the regular "Problems", of which there are still more than 1700. If you need help with a "General Problem", my suggestion would be to try and find a regular "Problem" that is similar to the "General Problem", and see if you can apply the same problem solving technique.

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Mr. Dychko

What is the difference between a "regular problem" and a "general problem"?

Hi Nerfscooterman, at the end of each chapter there's a heading "Regular Problems", where each problem is rated (I) (II) or (III) for difficulty, and then there's a "General Problems" section where the difficulty rating is not given. I've covered only the "Regular Problem" section.
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