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Where I see the solution?

Where I see the solution?

At about -2:05, shouldn't acceleration be negative: -9.8 yielding the solution d=4.3m instead of 2.1m?

Hi dmorochnick, thanks for the question. Earlier in the video I mentioned that the coordinate system was chosen so that down is positive. While the convention is that if one says nothing about the coordinate system, the assumption is that up is positive, is OK to explicitly change that. The choice is just personal preference. Where it's convenient, I sometimes prefer to make down positive to avoid substituting many negative values into the formula since I find so many negatives, and subtracting negatives, to be confusing. If you wish to have up as positive, it's totally OK to do so. You would arrive at the same answer (not $4.3 \textrm{ m}$), since keep in mind that the displacement past the window would also have to be negative since it's downward (which in your coordinate system is the negative direction if up is positive).

All the best,
Mr. Dychko