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$1.8 \times 10^2 \textrm{m}$

Giancoli 6th Edition, Chapter 2, Problem 23


Chapter 2, Problem 23 is solved.

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This plane on a runway starts with zero velocity and has to accelerate up to thirty three meters per second in order to be able to take off, three point zero meters per second squared is the acceleration that the motor is powerful enough to give it, and so what length of runway is needed for this plane to take off is the question. We’ll start with the equation ‘vf2’ equals ‘vi2’ plus two times ‘a’ times ‘d’, ‘vi2’ is zero and we’ll solve for ‘d’ by dividing both sides by two ‘a’ so we have ‘d’ equals ‘vf2’ divided by two ‘a’ which is thirty three meters per second squared divided by two times three point zero meters per second squared and the distance is one point eight times ten raised to power two meters so it needs one hundred and eighty meters to get up to the proper speed. In the 5th Edition the final speed has to be thirty meters per second and substituting that here the 5th Edition answer is one hundred and fifty meters.