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b)Zero! There is no displacement

Giancoli 6th Edition, Chapter 2, Problem 9


Chapter 2, Problem 9 is solved.

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The average speed of this jogger is going to be the distance they cover divided by the time it takes him to do it. The total distance is eight laps for every twelve and a half minutes, we’ll have to change the units into meters per second, we know that it’s a quarter mile rack, so times zero point two five miles for every lap, times one thousand six hundred and ten meters for every mile taking care of the length units so we have meters now because the miles cancel and the laps cancel, times one minute for every sixty seconds so the minutes now cancel and we’ll be left with seconds on the bottom. Calculating through you get the average speed to be four point three meters per second. The average velocity is zero because there’s no displacement, the runner starts where they finish so there's no change in position.