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This answer is wrong? Its supposed to be a multiplication not a sum, right?

Hi coralis.hernandez1,

Thank you for your question. I'm not really sure how to answer it though since I need some more details about what you're asking about. What are you proposing to multiply? The solution video appears to be correct, unless I'm missing something. We determine the net force on the ball as a result of it's change in kinetic energy, and that net force turns out to be the force on the ball due to the glove. The force on the glove due to the ball is what the problem asks us for, and that is the Newton's Third Law "reaction" counterpart to the force on the ball due to the glove. Taking the "negative" (multiplying by negative one, in other words) gives the answer.

All the best,
Mr. Dychko

The force of the ball on the glove is in joules? The answer is in Newtons, though. What am I missing?

Hi fortunado09, sorry about this one. I misspoke in the video. Force is always in Newtons, of course! I'll make a note above the video for other students.