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When a question doesn't specify an initial speed we can assume it's 0? I'm used to seeing them specify "starting from rest". This is only true with an initial speed of 0.

Hi idan, thank you for the question. When a question doesn't specify an initial speed, and doesn't imply it by saying something like "lifted off the ground" or saying something else which could be interpreted as an initial speed, then you really don't know what the initial speed is. You can't assume it is zero. In this question, the initial speed doesn't actually matter until you get to part e) where it's asking for the final speed. In part e) it finally says "it started from rest". For parts a) through d), the force needed to impart an acceleration of $0.160 \textrm{ g}$ is the same regardless of what speed it's going initially. Only the acceleration is relevant. For example, consider that the force needed to keep the load at rest would be the same as the force needed to make the load rise at a constant speed. The constant speed doesn't matter so far as the force is concerned.

Hope this helps,
Mr. Dychko