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I am very confused about how the water can evaporate in room temperature. I know that the water cannot reach 100 celsius from our skin but how can water just evaporate in room temp?

Hi chaegyunkang, nice question! It turns out that temperature is an average kinetic energy of the particles of the substance. Water at $100^\circ \textrm{ C}$ has molecules with an average kinetic energy sufficient to turn into gas, so many of them do really quickly, and we observe this as boiling. Water at, say, $20^\circ \textrm{ C}$ also has some molecules with enough kinetic energy to turn into gas, but not very many, so we don't see anything special such as bubbles or steam. Nevertheless those few molecules with enough energy to do so turn into gas. This is what's responsible for evaporation, and eventually the luke warm water will all turn to gas for this reason.

Even ice evaporates! A full ice cube tray in your freezer will eventually have much smaller ice cubes after months since some of the molecules have enough kinetic energy to turn into a gas, even though the average kinetic energy is such that the molecules are in the ice phase.

All the best,
Mr. Dychko