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Hi! Would you be able to explain something to me? I don't understand why solving for that x component gives the average horizontal speed. I thought that x component is only applicable to the instantaneous initial velocity?

Hi sophiaswimgirl,

Thanks a lot for the question, and I'm sorry for taking so long to get back. I hope you're still working on this unit....

Sure, it's true that the x-component of the velocity is that of the instantaneous initial velocity, as you say. However, the x-component of the velocity never changes. There is no horizontal acceleration. Since the x-component of the velocity never changes, this means that whatever value it has initially will also be the value it has at any other time, and so in this circumstance it's initial value is also it's average. The average of a value that's constant is whatever that value is, at any time.

Hope this helps,
Mr. Dychko