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Giancoli's Physics: Principles with Applications, 7th Edition
Static Equilibrium; Elasticity and Fracture
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9-1 and 9-2: Equilibrium
9-3: Muscles and Joints
9-4: Stability and Balance
9-5: Elasticity; Stress and Strain
9-6: Fracture
9-7: Arches and Domes

Question by Giancoli, Douglas C., Physics: Principles with Applications, 7th Ed., ©2014, Reprinted by permission of Pearson Education Inc., New York.
Problem 18

A shop sign weighing 215 N hangs from the end of a uniform 155-N beam as shown in Fig. 9–58. Find the tension in the supporting wire (at 35.035.0 ^\circ), and the horizontal and vertical forces exerted by the hinge on the beam at the wall. [Hint: First draw a free-body diagram.]

Problem 18.
Problem 9-58.
Fc=643 N, FHx=526 N, FHy=2 NF_c = 643 \textrm{ N, } F_{Hx} = 526\textrm{ N, } F_{Hy} = 2 \textrm{ N}

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